Gildor automatic door manual

Most Recent Products. Custom Wood Sliding Doors. firewater Architectural automatic doors building product information for Gildor, Gildor automatic door manual. This manual is for the Gildor SLM sliding door drive unit: Supplies instructions for the assembly, commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting. Is only to be used only by trained personnel in the automatic door trade familiar with the assembly and construction of automatic doors.

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) All 10 FDC Swing 1 FFM Balanced Slide 1 ICU Top Hung Manual Door 1 Manual Collecting Bottom Roller 1 SLM Sliding Standard 2 SLM Sliding Telescopic 1 SRM Circular Sliding 1 ASSEMBLY& INSTALLATION MANUAL OPCON CONVERTER SYSTEM FOR GILDOR Model FDC Go www. opconusa. com shop drawings, details, & nils, linb and e 2010 OpconUSA ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. INDEX left hand door Microswitch placement: stop block placement: and programming functions will be affected depending upon the operator selected.

2) DRIVE SPINDLE Gildor manufactures a complete line of all types of automatic doors gates for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Brand Names: SLM& SLX single and double sliding door series

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