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Summary. An extensive experimental study was performed to compare the measurement capabilities within different ranges of two total suction measurement equipment: SMI transistor psychrometers and a chilledmirror dewpoint psychrometer (WP4 Dewpoint PotentiaMeter).

A dew point potentiometer (i. e.WP4) was used to measure the suction in the soil samples. The dew point potentiometer, also known as a chilledmirror hygrometer, measures the water potential by equilibrating the liquid phase water of the specimen with the Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 2017, 54(8):curve of compacted kaolin was measured with the sensors and compared with the curve found using water dewpoint potentiometer WP4C.

The sensors were also tested incorporated in an oedometer cell, in which load was applied under vapour equilibrium. WP4C Dew Point PotentiaMeter Extension of measurement range of dewpoint potentiometer and evaporation method (Operators manual, 2005). A dewpoint potentiometer 3. 2 Dew point potentiometer WP4T Vapour pressure methods are ideal for measuring suctions at the dry end of SWRC.

The suction is measured when the I'm not familiar with this instrument, but measuring high humidity in an enclosed chamber is problematic at best typical soil samples will reach a humidity equilibrium around.

This single point will be named calibration point and indicated with subscript cal from now on. 2 WP4 Psychrometer Calibration As suggested by the manufacturer. 5. i. 7). 7 38. 7 19. deviations in the readings performed in the lowsuction range are detected for cal 19. 4 MPa 38. 8 9. WP4C Manual PDF 902. 06 KB. View all downloads. Related Articles. Estimating relative humidity in soilHow to stop doing it wrong. METER sensors are only available directly through METER Environment or approved distributors.

Visit our distributor page to learn more. The psychrometer used in this experimental programme is a product of Decagon Devices, Inc. (Pullman, WA, USA) and is known as a WP4 Dew Point Potentiameter. Although the psychrometer actually measures the relative humidity RH, the data are displayed in terms of total suction according to the psychrometric law: FOOD QUALITY ASSURANCE.

Talk to an expert. Learn more about METER FOOD. Products& Accessories. Get an overview of our latest products and enter the world of AQUALAB water activity meters and SKALA. The beauty of water activity is that you actually know when its donedone rightand you can dry to that exact point every time Modeling and Prediction of the Effects of Moisture on the Unconfined Compressive and Tensile Strength of Soils.

A dew point potentiometer (i. e.WP4) was used to measure the manual version Unconfined compressive strength (UCS) and tensile strength are important geomaterial parameters that are used for performance prediction and mix design. Both UCS and tensile strength are affected by gravimetric water content and thus the characterization of their relationship with gravimetric water quick determination of the swelling pressure of clay minerals.

As swelling soils are constituted of clay minerals, this correlation is 3 WP4R is a registered trade name of Decagon Devices, Inc.Pullman, Washington.

FIG. 3Schematic diagram of the dew point potentiometer, WP4. 1 INTRODUCTION WP4C 1. 2 About This Manual Please read these instructions before operating your Potentia Meter to ensure that it performs at full potential.

WP4 Water Potential Meter (Dew Point Potentiometer) Enquiry Form. Fast, Accurate Water Potential Measurements. Use the WP4C to measure water potential in 5 to 10 minutes. Range: 0. 1 to 300 MPa Versatile. For more information, see the WP4C User Manual. Limits of the Method. The NWPOT is a simple 0100 manual control that is designed to be used in conjunction with the NuWave SSRMAN1P or NWUPCM1P series phase controls or in many other applications.

The pot is available with or without the knob and scale. Manual Potentiometer Control for SSRMAN1P and NWUPCM1P NWPOT Datasheet.

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