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AMAT ENDURA PVD system PVD Endura is a cluster tool which is currently con igured with three process chambers for sputter deposition of metal thin films in a state of the art 8 inch CMOS manufacturing process.

Macquarie Electronics USA Inc. Applied Materials Endura 5500 Manual Isovalve (for RGA leak check) Macquarie Electronics USA Inc. This data sheet is provided to you on a strictly confidential basis and contains commercially sensitive and valuable information. No part of its content may be provided While Applied Materials does not sell these materials, the Ventura chambers have the flexibility to process both tantalum and titanium barriers, integrated on the Endura Applied Endura ALPS Ni PVD Stressinducing Nitride Metron Technology, Inc.a subsidiary of Applied Materials, supplies fabwide operations support services to the semiconductor and related industries Products: Instruction Manual.

BOC EDWARDS. One Edwards Park, 301 Ballardvale Street, Wilmington, MA. Applied Materials ENDURA series process tools (e. g. CL and SL tools). Its main function is to provide forced recirculation of primary coolant (deionized water) to and from the process tool as required to maintain process tool We believe that the manual is an important for this targeted environment found on the Applied Materials Endura.

To provide the many benefits of the CTP 2E system, it operates a state engine that is aware of the conditions in the Endura and can respond to them. This method of operation ensures the safety of the CTP 2E Endura 8000 Series Swivel Manual Dual Split Flange (DSF) Swivel Joint Benefits Endurance Heavyduty construction and unique design features result in longlife, hasslefree operation. Improves Uptime Performance Endura Al PVD The system provides superior electromigration resistance and surface morphology as well as low cost of ownership and high system reliability.

Extending PVD Al slab technology to sub65nm, the Endura PVD Al Slab system incorporates the productionproven Durasource TTN (TiTiN) chamber with the highproductivity Al HP PVD chamber.

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