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The LPKF ProtoMat H100 is an advanced PCB prototyping plotter that includes many new features derived from highvolume production systems. The ProtoMat H100 provides the maximum capability for completing complex prototyping jobs on time and within budget.

LPKF ProtoMat H100 Datasheet ProtoMat E34 E44 Small and Powerful. With up to 40, 000 rpm, the milling spindle chews through the copper of the base material. The E series LPKF ProtoMats are a lowcost introduction to the world of professional printed circuit The ProtoMat H100 is an indispensable component of any development group where speed, precision, and simplicity are absolutely required.

Precision and speed The ProtoMat H100 delivers unmatched precision with system resolution as fine as 0. 25 m (0. 01 mils). LPKF ProtoMat S63 is a stateoftheart circuit board plotter for inhouse rapid PCB prototyping. This compact highspeed system provides superior performance for quickly and easily manufacturing circuit board prototypes in a single day. Fully Automated for HighPerformance Rapid PCB Prototyping The ProtoMat H100 is a top of the line LPKF circuit board plotter. The ProtoMat H100 is the perfect system for the fully automated inhouse production of complex PCB prototypes, especially for RF or microwave applications.

Find out all of the information about the LPKF Laser& Electronics product: PCB rapid prototyping machine ProtoMat D104. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a price or your closest point of sale. ProtoMat D104 The range of PCB prototyping has now been supplemented with the LPKF ProtoMat D104 with an integrated highprecision UV laser. The ProtoMat D104 combines the best of two worlds and adds new machining options such as depaneling of Manual ProtoMat S100 English, version 2.

0 LPKF Laser& Electronics AG Osteriede 7 D Garbsen ProtoMat S100 I. Outline This Manual is subdivided into the following chapters: 1. Introduction 2. Intended use 3. Safety notes 4. Scope of delivery 5. Layout of machine 6. This manual is intended for personnel who already possess basic knowledge of production of circuit boards for the electronic sector. 6 Version 4. 0 Revision: ProtoMat S100 Manual ProtoMat H100 English, version 1. 1 LPKF Laser& Electronics AG Osteriede 7 D Garbsen ProtoMat H100 I.

Outline This Manual is subdivided into the following chapters: 1. Introduction 2. Safety precautions 3. Scope of delivery 4. Layout of machine 5. At a processing speed of up to 100 mmsec the LPKF ProtoMat H100 significantly diminishes processing times and costs in PCB prototyping.

Equipped with a 100, 000 rpm spindle motor it can realize track widths and spacing up to 100 m. BoardMaster 5. 1 Stand: Version 1. 0 3 Preface This Manual introduces you to operation of BoardMaster 5.

1 for Win dowsTM. LPKF BoardMaster is a program for automatic control of HP GLcompatible LPKF circuit board plotters.

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