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Good Advice For Owners Of A 5GTRONIC Automatic Transmission Equipped Vehicle. Posted by Regis on Friday, May 10th, 2013 The 5GTORNIC is a 5 speed automatic transmission made by Mercedes Benz. It also goes by the technical name of 722. 6. View and Download LifeSpan SPRINTER XL user manual online. SPRINTER XL Treadmill Lifespan sprinter manual transmission manual download.

Product may vary slightly from the item pictured due to model upgrades LIFESPAN SPRINTER SPRINTER XL USER'S MANUAL Page0 Mar 12, 2012 sprinter differential lifespan.

Discussion in 'Truck Talk' started by ebsprintin, Mar 8, 2012. ebsprintin Veteran Expediter. Joined: a friend of mine had to replace his rear end in the summer and last month his transmission, he has a 2007 sprinter, but i dont think he had the right fuid in his rearend briggie1, Mar 8, 2012# 3.

Turtle 4. If Chrysler acknowledges the short life of the sprinter transmission, they should have already come up with a better solution, redesign them, or lower the price of the transmission (910, 000 for part and labor is ridiculous). The hotter a transmission runs, the shorter its lifespan. For example, plow trucks used during New England winters are notorious for having short transmission lives. The transmission goes through thousands of hours of heavy use and generates significant heat during that time.

The ideal operating temperature for automatic transmission fluid is between 175 and 225 F. At approximately 240 F, important additives in the ATF begin to cook.

The result is the formation of varnish inside the transmission. A manual transmission has a set of gears that are lined up on a shaft. As the gearshift and clutch, located inside the car, are manipulated by the driver, the gears move into place. As the clutch is released, power from the engine is transmitted to the wheels. Replacement Parts for your Mercedes Sprinter Van at Vanapart today. Find great deals on eBay for Dodge Sprinter 2500 in Sprinter.

The transmission is a smooth 5speed automatic, with a Oct 07, 2003  The transmission works very well, except for one small (nit picking) problem on the 12 and 23 shifts: as it releases one gear, there is a small hesitation before the next gear engages, but it is NOT a flaring problem it seems that it takes a fraction of a second too long for the clutch pack to fill up completely, andor piston(s) to move.

Jan 23, 2014 SprinterForum T1N Sprinters T1N Database t1n service manual back up again. PDA. The manual transmission discussion is a recent meander.

My post was related to the original intent of this thread. The hands down BEST Sprinter Manual for the Sprinter Van is available right here.

Aug 05, 2010 My clutch only lasted about 50K miles, but it was a sports car with oversize wheels in stop and go traffic 90 of the time. You should easily get double that on a regular car with little traffic. New remanufactured transmissions for Sprinter 2500 vehicle models manufactured by Dodge using the best OEM parts to deliver optimal performance and likely to outperform any used or rebuilt Dodge transmission for sale or installed.

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