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The classic NTP client is mature like my grandma (first published 1985 and actively developed ever since) has the ressource footprint of a newborn girl, is easier to troubleshoot than W32time, works like a charm and is stable as a rock.

On some other computers where NTP client is set with policies (gpcedit. msc or domain GPO), I have the following settings: NTP servers: fr. pool. ntp. org, 0x9 pool. ntp. org, 0x9 ntp. cnam. fr, 0x9 Type: AllSync May 29, 2016 This tells you what your client's time is, how much it's offset from it's source and will show you all the other NTP sources for that client. On a domain, clients get their time from all the domain controllers on your domain. This is the time elapsed on the NTP client between transmitting a request to the NTP server and receiving a valid response from the server.

This counter helps characterize the delays experienced by the NTP client. (Network Time Protocol RFC 1305) works on a larger variety of networks and environments, For manual NTP Server Oct 27, 2015 I had to set the NTP Client Policy to Enabled, and then change the default Type to NTP. I then ran a gpupdate and the source showed correctly.

The NTP Client Policy is located in Computer Time ServiceTime Providers Aug 29, 2006 Windows Time and the W32TM service The NTP provider follows the standards specified by NTP version 3 for a client and server, and can interact with SNTP clients and servers for backward compatibility with Windows 2000 and other SNTP clients.

The Windows Time service is implemented in a dynamic link library called W32Time. dll syncfromflags: sets what sources the NTP client should synchronize from. should be a comma separated list of these keywords (not case sensitive): MANUAL include peers from the manual peer list. Fast Troubleshooting for Windows Time Service (w32time) Synchronization NTP servers may not respond to the type of queries sent by w32time.

w32time sends namely symmetric active instead of client mode packets to a NTP server. This problem has not been observed with the w32time version which has been shipped with Windows 2000, Synchronizing all Domain Controllers to an external NTP Source.

All Domain controllers but the PDC emulator in the top domain must also

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