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Feb 03, 2014 NO CUDA FOR GForce 780 Ti! ? ! Reply. Follow. (in davinci resolve) so i am a bit disappointed i must say When i try to install the CUDA 5. 5 drivers it's says that" no compatible hardware" or something like that DO you guys if there's a workaround or something? GeForce GTX 780 STRIX OC. ASUS STRIX lineup went into flight in the middle of this year, focusing on gaming grade features while targeting the prosumer market.

Not to be mistaken from ASUS ROG, the STRIX lineup is a broad series coming from ASUS, dealing with GFX cards and headsets initially, but will expand further into the gaming peripherals later on. The beta edition of the Resolve 12 User Manual is included with the installation in the DaVinci Resolve application folder GTX 780 Ti is easily better than the K4000, but it's built primarily with gaming in mind.

Where is the K4000 is designed around more workstation builds. Hence why the K4000 is much better at Download DaVinci Resolve 14 Manual Blackmagic Design Aug 25, 2015  Not much after effects work but I will be using Davinci resolve.

I have a GTX 780 TI that came with a custombuilt computer I got in early July. All Adobe CC applications run extremely slow. Too slow to even be useful. Premiere takes 68 times Nov 10, 2014  Davinci resolve GAZ87XD3H Intel 4600 WITH GTX780? Hi there, this is my first thread& my first Hackintosh Before asking, I'd like to thank's Tonymac& all Dec 04, 2013 Get answers to your questions about color grading, editing and finishing with DaVinci Resolve.

DaVinci Resolve 12. 5 Manual Blackmagic Design Mar 08, 2015 WORKING Dual 780 Ti 4K Hackintosh Build You mentioned (in the video I think) that your 4k monitor is running at 60 Hz. Is that connected to the Display port on one of the graphics cards, the HDMI port or one of the dual DVI ports?

The GREEN bar highlights the GeForce GTX 780 6G we are deeming the 'sweet spot. ') DaVinci Resolve 10 The same can't be said of the GTX TITAN or GTX 780 Ti or Radeon R9 280X all of which require an auxiliary power feed to avoid a nasty power down of your tower at the worst moment when too much wattage is demanded of the Mac Pro's factory 760 4GB vs 770 2GB vs 780 3GB.

508Parkour Sep 24, Like Davinci Resolve Lite. DiaSin Sep 26, 2013, solved EVGA GTX 760 FTW 4GB SLI vs EVGA 780 Ti 3GB

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