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au400, au640, au2700, au5400, au480, au680, au2700, au5800 OLYMPUS BECKMAN COULTER Chemistry Analyzers AU480 AU680 AU400 AU640 Atlantic Lab Services offers expert service for Olympus and Beckman Coulter chemistry analyzers.

The Beckman Coulter AU640 Chemistry Analyzer, formerly the Olympus AU640 boasts over 90 assays with a maximum throughput of 800 tests per hour. A customer notification letter dated 9913 was sent to customers who received the ISE REF Valve, Part Number MU3226 for the AU400, AU640, AU2700, AU5400 and the beckman coulter diagnostics When efficiency and clinical outcomes are improved, patients benefit. Learn how partnership can help you achieve excellence in Original instrumentation provided by Beckman Coulter Total number of assays tested: 89 Diamond DownToFrame refurbishment provided.

Refurbishment includes disassembly and total restoration. Process continues with assembly, repair, and diagnostics. Certification concludes with calibration, QC and QA validation.

Service contract for Beckman Coulter and Olympus Chemistry Analyzers. Do you already own a Beckman Coulter Olympus Chemistry analyzer? USLAB offers a range of affordable service plans for Beckman Coulter and Olympus Chemistry Analyzers. To improve productivity, increase equipment uptime and utilization, maintain peak Refurbished Beckman Coulter AU5800 Chemistry Analyzer.

A member of Beckman Coulters unique portfolio of scalable chemistry solutions, the AU640 Chemistry Analyzer is intended to help medium to high throughput laboratories Beckman coulter au640 manualidades everincreasing pressures on time and productivity. Beckman Coulter Resource Library.

Access important information about chemistry reagents and immunosuppressant drug monitoring assays, including application sheets, package inserts, safety data sheets, and videos. Infinity Lithium for Beckman Coulter AU640 EN Infinity Lithium for Beckman Coulter AU680 EN AU Contamination Avoidance Parameters NO. PRECEDING TEST NAME FOLLOWING TEST NAME REAGENT PROBE CLEANER WASH COUNT CANCEL SAME USE MIXER CUVETTE 1.

BUPSQ UAlb 224 Water 5 Yes No Yes Refers to reagent part numbers B B Contamination may also be avoided by placing Reagent AU Diabetes Management Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) For AU400AU480, AU e680, AU2700 AU5400 and AU5800 Analyzers 432 Tests Beckman Coulter U. S. Government Users Restricted Rights As per GSA ADP Schedule Contract with Beckman Coulter, Inc.the use, duplication or disclosure is restricted as follows: Beckman Coulter hereby authorizes user to copy those documents published on the World Wide Web by Beckman Coulter, for noncommercial use, and only within the Dec 06, 2017 Beckman Coulter Au640E Chemistry Analyzer is available from The Lab World Group.

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